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Briefly about Shree Vishwanand Chikitsalay

A Complete Ayurvedic Wellness Center

Here in "Shree Vishwanand Ayurved Centre" We emphasise these traditional therapies and various methods of purification & rejuvenation.

We are giving these quality treatments for last 18 years. Ayurveda discribes human body as Panch Mahabhoot, Seven Dhatus, Three Doshas. Imbalance in Any of these elements, is Known as "Disease". So the main motive of Ayureda is to Cure this imbalance and help for the long term healtlhy life.

Every indivisual has a unique prakruti and also naadi. Thats why disorders of 2 persons are never alike. In our clinic we make scientific prakruti analysis and nadi parikshan and then the needed medicinal treatment. Also it deals very good with the psycological imbalance, which is now a days becoming problematic.