Supraja Sanskar

Panchakarma is the purification and detoxification measure of Vata, Pitta, Kapha ie. Agrrivated doshas (toxins)comprising five cleansing procedures in the body. The five eliment are space, air, fire, water and earth.

About Supraja Sanskar

It is all about transferring good thoughts to the unborn. Baby has ability to listen and to respond.

Taking the help of different majors like Yoga-meditation, music and many more we can build up the morals for little one.

This specialized “Supraja Sanskar” consists of many sessions which have a very good and positive impact on bath mother and baby.

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Why should we go for Ayurvedic Treatment

Music Therapy:
Music has direct impact on our nervous system. It gets stimulated and activated with the help of good music.

Womb Talking:
Tow souls are connected to each other. Thus a mother can talk to the body and can teach body about many different positive things.

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Not every person is used to do meditation also in correct way.

Here we provide a soothing and calm experience of mediation which helps in relaxation of mind.


It should be done in a proper way. Prana is not only air that we inhale. It is a positivity that helps our mind and brain to work properly under guidance of trained. Yoga person, we teach every individual personally, proper way of Pranayama

  • Anulom-vilom

  • Bhramari

  • Breathing Techniques(Helpful in normal delivery)

  • Mudra Pranayam

  • Sectional Pranayam


Different poses of Yoga helps in flexibility of the body. Also Yoga has effect on mind +soul.

Regularity in Yoga regulates blood supply of body. Also increases concentration of mind.

During pregnancy, there are suggestions of different Asanas in trimester wise.

With the experience can say. Yoga has good impact on blood pressure, blood sugar, stress levels etc. It is advice to be done under expert observation only.

Music Therapy

Music has direct impact on our nervous system. It gets stimulated and activated with the help of good music.

Indian classical music has different “Ragas”. These Ragas gives soothing and peaceful effect to pregnant woman and also to the unborn. Also we take a good help of different instruments like veena, satar, santool, table etc. which really shows magical effects.

  • Omkar Sadhana

  • Sangeet Sadhana

  • Shloka Sandhana

  • Sangitik Dyan